Automation for swing gates. For leaves up to 2.5 m (each) and 250kg of weight. Power: KUDU 230 V and 24 V. KUDU

The KUDU operator is composed of two cast aluminium bodies coated in epoxy powder, containing the electric motor, the first worm gear reduction, the release system and the conical gears made of sintered steel.
The unlocking system is located on the operator top, protected by a removable plastic cap secured in place with a key lock.
In the front cover are housed the capacitor and the limit switches electrical wiring if the operator is fitted with electrical limit switches.
The Kudu has the same fitting quotes and the same fixing plates of PUMA and PUMA PLUS, this allows an easy and quick replacement.
The operator comes in only one version without the use of left and right models simplifying greatly the installation.

CODE R60000 KUDU 230V
CODE R60001 KUDU 24V

N 36 pcs / PALLET


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