B-Tech Automatic Gates and Barriers Trading l.l.c is the official distributor and patner of Bame Delma automazioni.

To meet the needs of gcc market, our company provide to the customer a wide range of integrated automation systems for gates, garage doors, road barriers for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
In order to give the best service to the customer, all the product and spare parts are always available in our stock in dubai

Our excellent staff will provides to the customer the best solutions for satisfy their requirements with high quality products and technical support during and after sales.


azienda-bameB.A.M.E. was born in 1987 to provide a service to small and big companies of electrotechnical and electromechanical sectors.
It is specialized, mostly, in the building  of electric wrappings of small and medium power.

Since many years our company is undertakes to provide to customers, our complete availability and collaboration and quality, on development of electric motors for every requests and application.

In subsequent years, Bame has expanded  the production, putting in its manufacturing process, the controlled machines CNC, cutter and other, in order to provide a quality more constant and to give rapid and accurate answer,  to satisfy the requests of own customers, enumerating among them, important  companies in national and international field.


sede2Thanks to this experience, in 2009, Bame srl enters in the automations sector with the acquisition of the brand DELMA AUTOMATION, well -known  manufacturer of system for gates, garage doors and electronic units, company situated in Marche region in Fermo province.

From the outset BAME has developed the products and Delma brand with a complete  renewal of line for sliding gate operators, swinging gate operators, road barrier and so on. It has expanded its products in Europe and East Europe, in the Mediterranean country, in Far East.

Currently Bame has two production sites located in the province of Mantua, San Giacomo delle Segnate and in the province of Fermo, Grottazzolina.

Throught these centers can serve efficiently the Italian market and foreign markets where the brand Delma is well known for its quality and reliability.



motoriAll mechanical and electronical production is made inside of our company with material of quality, the production is rigorously tested, in order to give a hight reliability product , as it is in the best Italian tradition.

All our products have the mark “Made in Italy”.

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